Andrew Snyder

Mapping Trails between

the Mythic and Primary Worlds

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Greetings! I'm a philosopher-theologian with an interest in the intersection between stories and life, neither of which can be properly understood apart from the other.


I recently finished writing my doctoral dissertation on Kierkegaard's understanding of anxiety's educative role in developing one's self, and I'm also starting to release some digital content focused on the paths of myth and meaning. The flagship of this content is my recently launched podcast, Mythic Mind, which you can find wherever you get your podcasts. The first series walks through Kierkegaard's The Concept of Anxiety and The Sickness unto Death. The next series will focus on story(ies) and, while I have some ideas as to where I will likely take this, I am open to hearing your suggestions.
If you would like to support my work and gain access to exclusive content, I welcome your support on Patreon. Whether you become a patron or just subscribe, share, and follow along with my work, I welcome your company. Thank you for joining me on these paths!

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