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Greetings! I'm a philosopher-theologian with an interest in the intersection between stories and life, neither of which can be properly understood apart from the other. My primary focus is currently set on wrapping on my doctoral dissertation on Kierkegaard's understanding of anxiety's educative role in developing one's self, but I'm also starting to work on some digital content that I'm really excited to release in the relatively near future. For now, the flagship of this content is a soon-to-launch podcast called Mythic Mind that intertwines discussion of philosophy and stories with an aim at growing in wisdom.
I have many plans that are highly ambitious, especially when you consider the fact that I have a day job as well as part-time adjuncting jobs. I would love to pour a great deal of time into content such as this, but unfortunately I'm limited to the "spare time" that I can find. This means that the speed of these releases significantly depends on your support! If you are so inclined, I would be honored to receive your support via Patreon. Just click the button below!

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